Change Your Yahoo Password

You have decided to permanently use your old Yahoo account to receive emails from the service. Take advantage of Yahoo and all the services of the platform ( news , Meteorology, etc.), but after all this time you doubt that the last password configured is no longer secure: therefore, you want to change the password, you have no idea how to proceed to reach your goal.

How can you say Did I guess right? Perfect, so I’m happy to announce you’re in the right place at a time that doesn’t get any better! Actually I intend to explain below how to change yahoo password, it shows all the necessary steps to change your password from both mobile devices (using Yahoo Mail app, android  iOS ) from PC or Mac using the functions offered by the Yahoo page (accessible from any browser).

So what else are you waiting for to get started? Take a few minutes, relax and read all I have to tell you about it very carefully: I am sure that by the end of this reading, you will be able to achieve the goal you set for yourself perfectly. so you secure your account. Happy reading and good work!

  • How to change Yahoo password from mobile phones and tablets
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  • How can you change your Yahoo password from your computer?
How to change Yahoo password from mobile phones and tablets

If you need to change Yahoo password via smartphone or tablet, this is the section of my guide that best suits your situation: in the following lines I will show you how to do this from both an Android device and an Apple device ( iPhone o iPad ).


If you have teléfono inteligente or tablet android with an operating system , the easiest way to change your Yahoo password is to install the Yahoo Mail app. Google Play store. If you don’t know how to install an app on Android or you haven’t set up a Google account on your device yet, I recommend reading my guide on how to download Android apps.

When the installation is complete, open the Yahoo Mail app from your device drawer (the screen containing the list of all the apps installed on the device), tap the item. Yahoo! Sign in with! Enter the login details (email address and password) of the Yahoo account you want to use and wait a few minutes for the login process to be successful.

Email synchronization is complete after a hard hit at the left edge of the device to open the menu as well (alternatively, you can tap the button in the form. Three horizontal lines at top left), then tap the item management accounts .

On the new page that appears on the screen, you should see a very brief summary of the Yahoo account you have previously logged in to: tap the item Account info is located just below the username.

If everything goes well, a summary screen should open with all account information: to change your password, tap the section Security settings . If necessary, Android will verify you using the security code phone or Fingerprint : it will take the necessary action to proceed to the next screen.

At this point, tap on the item Change password present at the top right and tap on the item I’d prefer to change password located at the bottom (on the screen it will be recommended to use the Yahoo account password system, which you can safely ignore). You can continue to change your password from the following screen: all you have to do is to type manually twice in both fields where the new password is suggested (making sure the passwords entered are the same) and press the button Follow to apply the changes.

If you are concerned that you made a typo, you can display the password in clear text by placing a check mark on the item. Show password , to Follow before pressing the button so that Yahoo! You can be sure to remember this the next time you log in to your account from another device.

Note: After completing the password change, all other devices you signed in with your old password will automatically log out.


If you want to change your Yahoo password on iPhone or your iPad , you must first download the app Yahoo e , disponible de form gratuita en la App Store, en su dispositivo. ¿Nunca ha instalado una aplicación antes y no sabe cómo? No te preocupes, he creado especialmente para ti la guía sobre cómo descargar aplicaciones en iPhone, que muestra todos los pasos a seguir para crear, si es necesario, un nuevo Apple ID y proceder a descargar los contenidos.

After downloading the Yahoo Mail app on your iPhone or iPad, tap the icon on the home screen to open it, confirm all the relevant warning screens. notification permissions , tap the item Yahoo! Sign in with! and enter the Yahoo email address followed by the Access password of your account to proceed with the synchronization of emails and personal information.

When the sync is complete, swipe from: left edge iPhone or iPad (also in this case, you can tap the three horizontal lines in the upper left) and tap the item Management accounts . In the panel that appears on the screen, tap the item Account info , locate the Yahoo account whose password you want to change, then tap the menu Security settings .

If you have enabled Touch ID o Face recognition iOS should ask you to use it as an additional security system before entering the next screen; It has passed the security check, just tap the item Change password located at the top of the window to start the password change process.

Also in this case, you will be asked if you want to enable the Yahoo account key, as seen earlier on Android: decline the offer by tapping the item I prefer to change the password , it is located at the bottom, then enter the new password you want to use in two text fields attached to the new screen that opens.

Simply Track key to confirm the password change ; I strongly recommend checking if the password entered is correct by putting a checkmark on the item before confirming everything. Show password to show it clearly.

Changing the password will automatically disconnect all devices whose old password was accessed.

How can you change your Yahoo password from your computer?

Use Yahoo services from: Would you like to use it to change your pc and password? I want to tell you right away that it is an extremely simple process that can be completed via any web browser depending on the operating system you use or your preferences: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, etc. .

If you want them to help you choose your navigation program, if the Internet is more suitable for you, you can move on to my in-depth study of the best browsers in the computing scene.

In any case, you can complete the process as follows: to get started, after turning on the computer, launch the browser of your choice and connect to this website. When the Yahoo home page is fully loaded, click the button Login located at the top right, then enter the email address and password of the Yahoo account you want to intercept.

After logging in and automatically returning to the home page of the service, click on the item from the drop-down menu whose nickname (or username in it ) is assigned to your account at the top right and appears on the screen Account information .

If everything goes well, a new screen should open with all the information about the account used: at this point you can change the password by going to the menu. The account security is located in the left sidebar of the page and then click on the item Change password available on the right.

In some browsers, you may be prompted to re-enter your password, especially if the account is already configured – take the necessary action to pass the additional security check.

Again, give you the Yahoo account key : Decline the offer by clicking on the item I prefer to change the password and immediately on the loaded page, New password in the two text fields there, then click Follow to finish the process.

As a precaution, I recommend that you take a last look at the password you set by placing a check mark next to the item. Show password so you can view it in clear text. Be careful to do this process alone or at least when no one behind you is ready to look at everything!

After the password change is complete, you will be disconnected from all other devices (including mobile phone and tablet applications) where you log in with the old password.