Create New Account Hotmail

In today’s conditions, everyone must have an e-mail address. In order to reach us in all areas of life, especially online transactions, we must have an e-mail account. There are many free e-mail services available. One of the most used services is . Because it is a very old mail service, it is known and used by almost everyone. In this article, we will explain in detail what needs to be done to open a hotmail account . By clicking the link below , you can go directly to the hotmail account registration page, if you wish, you can continue to read our step by step how to open an account.

Click to open an account>

Open a Hotmail Account and Login Step by Step

Step 1 First, we enter the website by clicking the link above. You will see the screen below. Click on the link Get a new email address .


Step 2 In this step, we write the email address you want to receive, select the @ extension and click the forward link.


Step 3 In this section, we create a password for our account. Choosing a strong and difficult password will be a precaution against theft of your account. We type the password and click the next link.

Step 4 In  this section we enter our personal information. After typing your name and surname, we click on the next link again.

Step 5 In  this field, we enter your date of birth and the country you are in.

Step 6 In step 6, which is the  last part, we write the letters seen in the picture in the space and click the next tab. Thus, we complete the opening of our account.

Yes friends, the process of opening a hotmail account is that simple. You can open your account step by step as we explained above. You can also use different extensions in the section of choosing the extension in Step 2. Since Hotmail and Outlook are combined, you can get the mail addresses of both services from the same place.