Create New Gmail Account

On mobile

Download the Gmail app. If you haven’t downloaded the Gmail app yet,

App Store (iPhone) or Play Store (Android) app, do the following:

  • iPhone – Tap Search , tap the search bar at the top of the screen, type, tap gmailgmail from the drop-down menu , tap the DOWNLOAD button next to “Gmail – Email by Google” and enter your Apple ID password or Touch ID.
  • Android – Tap the search bar at the top of the screen, type, tap Gmailgmail from the popup menu , tap UPLOAD and then ACCEPT .
  • If your phone has the Gmail app, skip this step.

Open Gmail. Tap the OPEN button in your phone’s app store or tap the red and white Gmail app icon. If your phone has never been signed in to Gmail, a blank sign-in page will appear.

  • If you have a Gmail account on your phone, tap the  icon in the upper left corner , tap Manage Accounts , tap Add account , tap Google , and skip the next two steps.
LOGIN ‘to the touch. It’s at the bottom of the screen.
Tap More options . This link is on the left side of the screen. A menu will appear.
  • If you have inactive accounts on your phone, you will need to tap Use another account first .
Tap Create account . It should be the only option on the menu.
Enter your first and last name. Tap the “Name” text field and enter your name, then do the same for your last name in the “Last Name” text field.
Tap NEXT . This button is a blue button on the right side of the page.
Add your birthday and gender. Add your birthday as day, month, and year, then select your gender from the Gender drop-down menu.
Tap NEXT .

Create a username. In the “Username” field, enter your preferred Gmail username that will appear in front of “@”.

  • This should be a username that someone else hasn’t used yet. If the username is taken, you will be asked to choose another.
Tap NEXT .
Create a password. Type in your password in the “Password” text field, then repeat your password in the “Confirm password” text field.
Tap NEXT .

Enter your phone number. Write your phone number in the “Phone number” text field. This should be a number where you can receive SMS messages.

  • You can see the Skip link on the left side of the page . If you want, you can tap it to skip the phone number entry process.

Verify your phone number. When prompted , tap the VERIFY button, then open the SMS from Google, type the six-digit code from the message into the “Enter code” text field and tap the NEXT button.

  • If you tapped Skip in the previous step , skip this step.
Scroll down and tap the I AGREE button. This button is on the right side of the screen at the bottom of the page.

Tap NEXT . This will open your new Gmail inbox. You can now switch to add contacts, edit mail, and more.

  • Your Gmail account can also be used to sign in to services like YouTube, Google Drive, and Google Docs.

On the Desktop

Open the Gmail website. Go to in your browser . If your computer is not logged in, the “Login” form should open.
  • If someone else has an account open on their computer, the Gmail inbox opens. To log out , click on the profile circle at the top right of the page, then click the Sign out button from the pop-up menu
Click the link for more options . This link is at the bottom left of the page. A menu will open.

Enter your account information. Complete the following fields on the given form:

  • First Name – Enter your name in the “First Name” text field, then enter your last name in the “Last Name” text field.
  • Select username – Enter your username. Username comes before “@” in the e-mail address you want to use.
  • Confirm Password and Password – Enter the password you want to use for your Gmail account. The two password entries must be the same.
  • Date of birth – Select your date of birth as day, month and year.
  • Gender – Enter your gender.
  • Cell phone – Optional. Once your Gmail account is locked, enter your phone number to be a support and verification option.
  • Current email address – Optional. When your Gmail account is locked, enter your current email address as a backup email.
  • Country – If the country listed here is different from your country, click on the country and choose a new one from the drop-down menu.

Click the next step button. This blue button is at the bottom of the page.

  • If you do not fill in a required field, you will not be allowed to proceed until that field has been filled.
Scroll through the page and click the I AGREE button. This button is in the lower right corner of the popup window. Doing this will take you to the Welcome page.


Click Continue to Gmail button. This blue button is in the middle of the page. Clicking this will open your new Gmail mailbox; Now you can add contacts, organize your emails and more.

  • You can also use your Gmail account to sign in to services like YouTube, Google Drive, and Google Docs.