Disconnect Gmail From All Devices

The internet service we use most frequently on the Internet is Google services. Google services like Gmail, Drive, Youtube, Maps etc. all are linked to one account. Often we need to log in with our Google account from different devices. Our account is always open, sometimes from the internet cafe and sometimes from our friend’s computer, mostly at work and at home. To take security measures, you can log out all accounts on all devices at once. Doing this will keep you safe.

Steps to sign out of Google account from all devices at once

1-  Open your account by going to the link https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0, and after logging into your account, the link will direct you to the Gmail inbox.

2-In the inbox, slide the bar to the bottom of the area where your mails lists are. Click ” Details ” at the bottom right of your mailing list under the ” Last account activity ” section .

3- When you click on the details, you will see the screen above. On this screen, you will see a list of 10 rows. In this list, ” Mobile

“Means you are signed in to Gmail on the phone. The sections written as ” browser ” indicate the session was opened from the computer and with which browser. On the following line, it shows from which country and from which IP address the connection was made, and Date / Time shows the time of logon.

4-To close your Google account from all devices, you can click the “Close all other web sessions ” button. After this process, your Google session that you forgot open on other devices will be closed. Note that users can log in again if your password is known or if your password is stored in the browser of the computer that is logged out. If you are worried about someone using your account without your consent, please change your password and do not select “Save” from browsers’ notifications when logging in from now on. Select the “Do not save” option. Don’t let browsers remember your password.