Google Drive Sign in

The only requirement Google offers us to use Google’s applications and products is to have a Gmail account. You can read the steps to create a Gmail account in our article ” How to create a Gmail account “. If we have completed this step, we are ready to log into Google Drive.

If you wish, you can enter “Google Drive” in the Google search engine as we always do to log into the Google Drive page. You can click here to go directly to the home page .

Since you have logged in to your google account before, you can log in directly into the application without clicking on any login button. Since Google Drive has a very simple design, all the files you upload will appear on the main page of the application.

To add a new file, simply click the “New” button in the upper left corner and choose whether it is a file or a folder you want to upload. In the next window, simply find and mark the document on your computer that you want to upload to your Google Drive. When the installation is complete, you can access the documents you have uploaded by logging into your Google Drive account on any computer. It should be noted that only 15 GB of storage space is offered for free for your Google Drive account.

Using the Google Drive App Mobile Version

Google Drive can be used on all iOS and Android operating systems. You can also check your documents on a mobile basis by downloading the application or connecting to the Google Drive home page from the web browser section of your device. In the mobile version, the application will ask you for a Wi-Fi connection in the first place. This is because the mobile connection of your mobile phone can be slow and it is a precaution to avoid exceeding the quota; However, if there is no Wi-Fi station in your location, you can skip this step and access your documents directly with your cellular data network.

Making Changes to Documents Uploaded to Google Drive

Microsoft Word, Excel etc. that we upload to Google Drive. Google Documents must be used to make any changes to the information in the files. You can read our article on Google Documents by clicking here to learn about this subject .