Hotmail Recover Deleted Mail

We can receive dozens of e-mails during the day. The most important of these are notifications from social media sites, shopping site advertisements and discounts. In addition, mails come from our friends and our environment. Sometimes we can delete messages received by mistake. We can recover messages deleted in Hotmail for a certain period of time. Now let’s explain how to do this.

You can recover deleted messages within 30 days.

See deleted messages on Hotmail

If you accidentally delete any email in your inbox, it will be sent to the deleted items folder. Messages falling in the Deleted items folder can be recovered within 30 days.

Step 1 Sign in to your account and go to the inbox.

Step 2 Click the deleted items link in theleft menu.

Step 3 The Deleted items tab may be empty. When you click on the tab, you may see this folder empty icon . Do not be afraid ! For deleted messages, click the Recover deleted items from this folder linkseen just above.

Step 4 When you click the link, you can see all the mails you have deleted before. You can say how can I find the messages I am looking for among so many mails, there is an easy way to do this. You can use the search box at the top.

Step 5 When we click on Search, we select the deleted items folder from the left menu. Then instead of searching, you write anything about the message you deleted. This name can be the subject or the email address from which the message came.

When you do all these operations sequentially, you can easily find the message you deleted. Just remember who the e-mail came from or the subject. When you write something related to the message content in the search section, you will see the e-mail you deleted. Remember! The e-mail you delete will be completely deleted within 30 days.