How Can I Recover The Mail I Send From Gmail?

Mail cancellation is sometimes a problem we want very much but do not know how to do it. Sometimes we regret sending emails and want to destroy the mail we sent. Especially until the return comes, we shed a sweat of death. If you are in such a situation and are using Gmail, you have an opportunity to correct your mistake. Very easily. Let’s take a look at the steps one by one.

These steps are for Gmail users. It does not work with Outlook or any other mail sending platform.

Setting the Cancellation Time in Gmail

Usually, when you send an e-mail, you will receive a notification from Gmail. This notification is a 5 second notification. During that time, you can cancel the mail you sent if you want. This period may be too short for Gmail mail cancellation . You cannot change the length of this period through Gmail. You have to do this in the settings menu of Gmail on the web using your Windows or Mac computer. The steps are as follows;

Step 1: Log in to your preferred web browser and open Gmail and click on the “Settings Gear” icon in the upper right corner of your mailing list.

Step 2: Login to the “Settings” tab here.

Step 3: In the “General” tab of your Gmail settings, you will see the default duration and “Undo Send” options. In the drop-down menu, you can choose any of the periods of 10, 20, 30 seconds.

Step 4: After changing the time you want to make changes, you should click the ” Save Changes ” button. The cancellation period you choose will apply to all of your Google accounts.

How to Cancel a Gmail Email on a Web Browser

If you want to do the Gmail cancellation with a clearer line, there is a solution for this as well. To retrieve an e-mail , you can move on after you have done the ” Send ” operation first . Here, to retrieve the e-mail, ” Sent Message ” is opened in the lower left corner of the Gmail window on the web . From here you have to click the ” Undo ” button.


Recalling Email Sent on Mobile Devices 

When using the Gmail app, you need to do similar actions to recall a mail on the phone. For Gmail mail cancellation, you can retrieve your message by clicking the ” Undo ” button below after sending the mail . It will then be saved as a draft and you can delete it completely from there.


You can cancel the e-mail you have sent as described above.