How To Create A Microsoft Outlook Contact Group

You can create your contact group in the Outlook desktop application and send mass e-mails. You can do this method in a simple way, which will provide great convenience especially for those working at workplaces. This way, you will send the same message to everyone on your list.

How to Set Up Distribution List in Outlook

The instructions in this content are for Outlook 2019, Outlook 2016, Outlook 2013, Outlook 2010 and Outlook for Microsoft 365.

Creating a Contact Group

1. Open the Microsoft Outlook desktop application.

2. Click the new items, then other items, and the last contact group tab.

3. Let’s write the group name from the window that opens. Then press the add member icon. Select one of the options available in the tab that opens after pressing the add member icon. You can find people you will add to the group here or add a new e-mail address.

4. After adding your contacts, click the save and close tab. You have created an Outlook contact group. 

Adding Members to a Contact Group

1. Enter the contact group tab as described above. Click the add member icon. Click the New email contact option.

2. After typing the name and e-mail address of the view, click the OK tab.

Send the Contact List to Someone Else

1. Sign in to the contact group.

2. Click the add member icon. Choose Outlook contacts. Click on the coworkers group we created earlier among your contacts and press the OK button.

3. Click the Forward group tab. Select tab as Outlook contact. Select the e-mail address you want to send the group of colleagues and send the e-mail.