How To Create Account Twitter

Twitter is among the giants of social media applications. This application, which is based on tracking, is used by millions of people. And this number continues to increase day by day. To be able to see the posts made by famous people, to be able to follow some news such as politics or sports instantly… Due to such reasons, the issue of Twitter registration lies in the minds of many people.

So why is signing up for Twitter so important? What are the steps to register for the Twitter application? We will include all the information in detail. Let’s start.

What are the reasons to register for the Twitter application?

Many social media applications are based on sharing and following. However, this application has an advantage over many other applications. Almost most of the famous people around the world have a Twitter account. And you have the opportunity to follow these accounts.

It is a great advantage that these people or well-known pages have an account here. You can even see an issue anywhere in the world directly from that person. For this reason , the number of people registered on Twitter is increasing day by day. It is widely used especially in the field of news. People interested in sports or politics use this application more actively. Now that you know what benefits a Twitter account has, let’s learn how to register.

Which way should I follow to open a Twitter account?

  • To open a Twitter account, first go to the Twitter home page. Click on the sign up button in the upper right corner. After that, you will be asked for some information. Take care to fill in this information completely.


  • As you can see, name and surname information is requested from you. Pay attention to fill in this part completely rather than accuracy, and write down this information so you don’t forget.
  • The phone or e-mail field at the bottom is very important to us. Take care to fill this place correctly. Because in your next entries, you will enter the e-mail or phone number you have written in this field. (You must have access to the phone or e-mail address you have written here. Because you will be asked for verification after registration. Likewise, this information will be required later in case of security problems.)
  • In the Password section, use a password that others cannot guess. You will use this password from now on when logging into your account. Do not forget to write this information down in order not to forget.

If you are sure that you have filled in this information completely, click the sign up button at the bottom. This is how we completed the first stage of the Twitter registration process.


Second Stage


  • After clicking the sign up button, you will be asked to fill in the mobile phone section. This information will not be seen by anyone else unless you want it. The advantage of typing a cell phone number in this part is that it is good to verify when there is a secure issue. However, if you still do not want to enter your phone number, click the skip button to proceed to the next step.


  • A user name is requested on a Twitter account, as in many other applications. This username will appear as @ …… .. after you enter it. So when you tell someone, they can find you directly by searching this username. In short, we can say that this part is your Twitter identity. Type a username of your choice in the box, as in the example. If the other party approves, a blue click will appear next to the box. If this color doesn’t occur, you can try different usernames. He will surely hold one. After seeing the color, you can go to the next step by saying next.


Adding a Photo

  • It’s time to add a profile photo. The photo you add here will be seen by everyone as your profile picture. In this section, you can add any photo either through the camera or from your device. You can add it later if you want. If you do not want to add now, you can continue by clicking the skip button written at the bottom. If you uploaded a photo, go to the next step by saying continue.


  • Twitter wants to find out about your interests to recommend people to you. The purpose of this stage is exactly that. It will show people you can follow, based on the interests you choose. In this section, mark the areas you are interested in and say continue later. Go to the next step.


  • You won’t have any friends because you just opened the account right now. You can select any of your accounts from here and transfer your friends to this account. If you do not follow anyone right now and say you will do it later, continue by saying late.


  • Search here to find someone you specifically want to add. Add those people. You can do this after creating the account. Therefore, it is also possible to pass directly.


  • We came to the last step. Now you have created the account and only verification is left. Now click on the verify button.


Verification is required for your account to be activated. You will make this verification according to the contact address you provided above. If you have applied with an e-mail address, a verification link message will be sent to this address. When you click on this link, the account verification process will take place automatically. If you registered with your mobile phone number, a code will be sent to your mobile phone. You have to enter this code where required. Once you enter this code correctly, your Twitter account will be automatically verified.


In this article, we found the answer to the question of how to register on Twitter . You can now open an account comfortably.

See you in the next article.