How To Create An Outlook Email Signature

You can add your personal signature at the end of the mail for a professional and quality image. It is possible to add your name, workplace name, title, phone, address or website address to your mail signature. You can apply this method, which Microsoft Outlook users frequently prefer, in a few steps. You can add your automatic signature under each e-mail you send. Now let’s explain how to make an e-mail signature step by step .

How to Make an Outlook Mail Signature

Your email signature with Outlook can include your name, title, social media links, other contact information, and even private signatures.

This content applies to Outlook 2019, Outlook 2016, Outlook 2013, Outlook 2010 and Microsoft 365 Outlook.

1. Open the Outlook desktop application. Click on the file tab in the left menu . From there, click on options .

2. From the opened Outlook options screen, we click on the mail tab in the left menu . From there, we click on the signatures button next to the section where it says Create a signature or change signatures in messages .

3. Click on the new tab in the Signatures section . You can give any name for your new signature.

4. After saving the name of the new signature, type the content of your e-mail signature in the edit signature section below and click the OK tab. If you are tracking more than one email address on the same Outlook. You must select the e-mail address to be signed from the e-mail accounts on the right of the Signatures screen.

The process of adding a signature to your Outlook account is that simple. You can add a signature in the e-mails you will send as you wish. After doing this, your signature will be automatically added to the bottom of every e-mail you send.