How To Delete Account From Google Drive

While removing Google Drive is a simple task, we wanted to show you the right steps for users who are worried about losing their files with the wrong step.

There are two options for those who want to quit Google Drive.

Disconnect from Google Drive

When you disconnect Google Drive, files on your system and in the cloud will stay where they are, but will no longer sync. To disconnect:

1. Click the Google Drive icon in the system bar .

2. Click the More button and click on Preferences .

3. Go to Account> Disconnect account .

4. Click Disconnect .

Any changes you make in the cloud or on your PC will not be reflected on each other, as there will be no synchronization after this process.

Uninstall Google Drive

If you want to stop syncing and remove all Google Drive files from your system, you can uninstall Google Drive. When you do this, your Google Drive files in the cloud will not be damaged, they will not be stored in the cloud.

1. Open the Start Menu and find and run the Programs and Functions item.

2. Find Google Drive in the list .

3. Right-click Google Drive and select Uninstall .