How to Delete Hotmail Account

Deleting the Hotmail account ; It includes deleting all emails and all messages in it. Now, if you’ve decided you don’t want to use your Hotmail account, you can choose to remove your email address from Outlook. Note that you can get it back after you have closed Hotmail . You can also recover your old emails if you deleted them recently.

Hotmail Account Closing Step by Step

Step 1 : First of all, login to the e-mail address you want to delete as the first action. You can login from the link below.

Step 2 : Switch to your profile after logging in. You can directly login to your profile from the link below.

Step 3: Click the Close your account link at the bottom of the profile page. If you could not find it, you can see the hotmail account deletion link from the link below.

Step 3 : After opening the link, you come to the following page. Select the checkbox after reading each item on the list.

Step 4 : Indicate why you deleted your Hotmail account.

Step 5 : Click the Mark Account for Termination link.

After following these steps, it takes 60 days for your account to be permanently closed. During this time, you can reopen your email address. To do this, you need to log in to the e-mail address you deleted.