How To Delete Twitter Account

Twitter , both globally ranks among the most popular social networks in Turkey. Twitter accounts, which are seen to be used especially in the focus of news tracking , may be requested to be closed for certain reasons. So how do I permanently delete Twitter account? Here is the Twitter account deletion process with detailed explanation ! It is quite easy to delete Twitter with the Twitter account closure process. The Twitter account deletion link required for this is included in the rest of the news.

Details you need to pay attention to before deleting a Twitter account! – Twitter account deletion link

If you do what we explained in our article on permanently deleting a Twitter account, your account will be closed completely and you cannot log in again with the same username and password at the end of the process. So you need to re-open a Twitter account and gain followers from scratch, follow others and configure a new profile. For this reason, we recommend that you think a few times before deleting an account. Twitter gives users a certain amount of time to undo the account deletion.


Before deleting the Twitter account, you can download your Twitter archive!

Before deleting Twitter, etc. You may want to download other data. It offers users the opportunity to save their data on Twitter .


To download your Twitter data , you can request the creation of an archive by following the path of Twitter> Settings> Twitter Data> Twitter Archive , using the “Download Twitter Data” section. Twitter will once again ask you for a password, as this field contains highly private information. When the archive is ready, an information mail will be sent to the user’s email address.

Permanently delete Twitter account – Twitter account deletion

Deleting a Twitter account is actually easier than most other social networks. To delete the Twitter account, first click the link below.

Twitter account deletion link:


On the page that opens, you can see the section to deactivate the account . When you click the “@Disable  button on the page  that opens, your account will be deleted.

Within 30 days, you can undo your Twitter account closure!

The data in your account is stored by Twitter for 30 days after your transaction . If you log in with the same username and password before 30 days pass, your account will be active again. If you want to close an account again, you must repeat the above account deletion process and wait 30 days again.