How To Get Mail With Yandex Extension

Yandex is one of the most preferred search engines. Besides being a search engine, it also provides mail service. It provides free e-mail service under the name of Yandex mail . To get an e-mail address with Yandex extension , you must first have a Yandex membership. You can access all services of the yandex search engine by getting membership. You can use many free services such as maps, disk, mail. You can open your personal account by following the steps below.

Receive Mail with Yandex Extension

1- Let’s go to the registration page by clicking the link below.

2 – Enter your name and surname in the registration field on the right.


3 – Choose a username to login to Yandex mail and other Yandex services.

The username you have chosen will be the profile you will log into your mail account. Do not forget this when making the selection.

4 – Select the password you will use to log into your mail account. After selecting it, re-enter the password.

You can set a hard-to-find password to prevent your account from being stolen. We recommend that you add special characters such as @,% to your password.

5 – Enter your mobile phone number. In case you forget your password, we recommend that you write it down so that a new password will be sent to your mobile phone.


6 – click the link to confirm your phone number. Enter the number in the message you received on your phone.

7 – After clicking the Register link. Your mail account with Yandex extension has been created.

Logging In to Your Yandex Mail Address

After doing the above steps, your mail account will be opened automatically. Now let’s explain how to login to your mail account.

1 – Open the link below from any device connected to the internet. Tablet, phone, computer etc.

2 – Click the login tabfrom the page that opens.


3 – Type your yandex extension e-mail addressthat we explained above in theusername section and click the login tab.

4 – Enter your password and click the login again tab. If you entered your password and e-mail address correctly, you will be directed to the e-mail inbox.

I Forgot My Mail Address With Yandex Extension

If you have forgotten your e-mail account username, you can find out in a simple way. The first thing you need to do is to go to the yandex mail login page. After opening the login page, you can follow the steps below to find out your e-mail address.


1 – From the login page,click the I do not remember my username linkas shown above.

2 – On the page that opens, enter your mobile phone number and click the next tab.

3 – You can see your user name after entering the code in the text message sent to your mobile phone on the screen.