How To Log Out Of Twitter

Today I want to ask you a little questionnaire: how will you go out? Twitter ? Need to close the browser tab or follow some steps? If your answer is the first, know that your privacy is at risk. Pretty at risk, I can say.

If you leave your Twitter session active, anyone who opens the browser on the computer you are using will be connected to your account and write for free and do whatever you want. And don’t start me doing anything trivial on a public computer, I just chill while thinking! Courage discover with me how to log out of twitter is real and start protecting your privacy.

An operation is faster than telling how to log out of Twitter . In fact, if you are using the social network from your PC browser, all you have to do is connect to Twitter’s home page, the little man is located in the black bar at the top right and select the item fuera is displayed.

Done! Once the process is complete, you will be taken to the Twitter home screen and you will no longer be linked to your account. However, if you are worried that someone might access your profile without your permission, make sure you use the login form on the site ( Login that appears when you click the button ) and that your browser does not memorize your Twitter username and password.

If the form is automatically filled by the browser, you should delete the password stored in your web browser by following the guide I suggested on the subject a while ago. If you do not do this and your login information automatically appears on Twitter, logging out of your account will not be of any privacy benefit.

If for some reason you want to log out of Twitter also in it teléfono móvil , you should move in the configuration panel teléfono inteligente . For example, if you are using iPhone icon configurations , select Twitter in the menu that appears first and then press the button Delete account .

About android , you need to access configurations phone, select Accounts and sync in the drop-down menu, first press your username Twitter and then click the button Delete account . Once again, it’s all very simple and within the reach of less experienced users.