How To Recover Twitter Account

Twitter , as it is known, is a social media platform with a dominant news aspect. The Twitter application, which has approximately 225 million users worldwide, has determined some rules to create a more efficient and safe space for its users. The main purpose of these rules is to protect the personal rights of users and to ensure their safety. If you do not follow these explicit rules, your account may be suspended by Twitter.

A suspended Twitter account is a blocking of Twitter users from accounts that violate the Twitter rules for those who do not know. Of course , there are methods to recover a suspended Twitter account . However, the point that users should not forget is that their Twitter account may be suspended permanently as a result of some rule violations. In this context, users must take into account the Twitter rules and be sensitive about it.

So, how to recover suspended Twitter account ? What are the reasons for the Twitter account suspension? You can find answers to all the curious questions and more in the content of this article we have compiled for you.  

What are the Reasons for Twitter Account Suspension?

Twitter account suspension reasons may be related or unconnected situations. There may be more than one reason why users’ Twitter account may be suspended. This list can be extended, the main ones being using fake tracking and sharing programs on Twitter, sharing inappropriate content, making too many likes or following too many people at once, making personal insults, threatening, tweeting in an offensive and rude manner. . It would be helpful to thoroughly review the Twitter rules to ensure your Twitter account is not suspended.

The main reason behind Twitter’s enforcement is to ensure that users have an equal, reliable and ethical social media platform. In other words, disturbing attitudes, attitudes and statements of users to other account holders may cause the account to be suspended.

Accounts can be suspended for people using follower sites and sharing programs. In fact, follower sites promise to gain followers without the risk of closing an account. Although this information is not correct, it is unethical to resort to such tricks. The way follower sites work is to get others to follow you. Those who follow you are the people who gain followers using this system. While these sites allow open accounts to follow you, they also create a paid membership system for people who do not want to follow someone else. This practice is unethical and causes people to follow others against their will. Therefore, their accounts are suspended for violating the Twitter rules.

What Are the Reasons for Permanent Twitter Account Suspension?

  • Race, religion, gender, disability, etc. Hate speech against a protected category
  • Threats of physical harm or violence
  • Copyright infringement
  • Tweeting in a rude or offensive way
  • Mimicry

If you want your account not to be suspended in order to use Twitter efficiently and for a long time, you should regularly follow the Twitter rules and learn about current changes and limitations. Otherwise, your account may be permanently suspended by Twitter.

Methods of Recovering a Suspended Twitter Account

Some people may have their account suspended due to a few circumstances. If your account has been suspended for multiple reasons, there is a possibility that you will not be able to get the account back. So how do you know that your Twitter account has been suspended ? If you see a page to enter a security code while logging into your Twitter account, you can immediately get your account back by entering that code. However, if you do not see the screen to enter the security code when you try to log in, and you are only informed that your account has been suspended, then you can get your account back by trying the Twitter suspended account recovery methods we share with you below.

  1. Recovering Twitter Account Suspended by Account Verification Method

Twitter does not always suspend the account in case of rule violations. Apart from violating Twitter rules, your account may be suspended if Twitter detects suspicious findings that your account security is at risk. For example, if you log into your account with different devices within a short period of time, Twitter may suspend your account temporarily.

In such cases , it is possible to retrieve the Twitter account through account verification . The next time you log in to the application, Twitter will ask you for your phone number or e-mail information. After you fill in the required information correctly, a security password will be sent to your phone number or e-mail address. With this password, you can use your account.

  1. Recover Twitter Account Suspended by Account Unlock Method

When you try to log into your account, if you are notified by Twitter that your account has been locked, this indicates that your account has been suspended for spam or abusive behavior. Twitter uses three different procedures regarding this issue.

  • If your account is suspended for such a reason for the first time, Twitter will warn you that you are breaking the rules and you will be prevented from tweeting for a certain period of time.
  • If this process has been applied before and your account is suspended for the second time, then your account is permanently disabled.
  • If your account has not been suspended for spam or abusive behavior, Twitter will redirect you to the account verification page for security reasons only.


  1. Appealing an Account Suspension or Lockdown

You may have received a notification from Twitter that your account has been closed due to spam or abusive behavior. However, if you think that this is not the case , you can try to get your Twitter account back by ‘objecting to the account suspension’ .

You can object to the suspension of your account at This address contains the form to ‘object to suspension or lockout of an account’. The first thing you need to do is to log into the suspended account while this page is open. Then there are some points that need to be filled in the form. First of all, you need to fill in the section where did you encounter this problem and define the problem you encounter in a clear manner.

Then you must fill in the part of your personal information in the form. In this section, you must write the correct name and surname, Twitter username and e-mail address, as well as the phone number (optional). After submitting the form, Twitter officials will consider your appeal. At the earliest 72 hours and a week at the latest, a message will be sent to you via your Twitter e-mail address with information about your objection.

There is also the possibility that accounts that are obscene, violent, and insulted will not be reinstated in any way. Therefore, users’ objections to suspension and lockdown may be deemed invalid. In this context, if you have not been able to get your account back after trying the solutions we shared with you above, you will no longer be able to use that account.

You can continue to use the Twitter app by opening a different account. However, in order not to experience such a situation again, it will be useful to follow the Twitter rules up to date and at regular intervals. Our advice to those whose user accounts are suspended due to the same problems is to use the Twitter application more carefully and in a more leveled way in order not to face different sanctions later.