How To Use Offline Gmail Without Internet?

Read your emails on Chrome without an internet connection!

If you enable the offline Gmail feature; You can use Gmail without an internet connection. Gmail Offline is used in the Chrome web browser, and you can view, delete, tag and reply to your emails without an internet connection. This feature; You can use it in an airplane, tunnel or areas where the mobile phone is out of service.

How to Enable Gmail Offline?

Gmail Offline; It only works with Windows, Mac, Linux and Chrombook and can be used on Google Chrome.

Note: To use Gmail Offline, you need to set it when you have an active internet connection. You can then run Gmail offline even if you don’t have a connection.

Using Gmail Without Internet Step by Step


Step 1 Open Google Chrome and sign in to your Gmail account.

Step 2 Select Show All Settings from the Settings section.


Step 3 Select the Offline tab from the General Settings section.

Step 4 Select the “Enable offline mail” checkbox.


Step 5 In the menu that opens, in the Synchronization Settings section; Choose how long you want Gmail to store offline mail and whether to download attachments.

Step 6 In the Security section, choose whether you want Gmail to delete offline mail when you sign out of your Google account.

Step 7 Select Save Changes.

You can always visit this screen to change your settings again at a later date.

Delete the Cache on a Public Computer!

Using Gmail offline is useful and can be useful temporarily. However, if you are unattended, someone else could potentially gain access to your Gmail account. When you finish using Gmail on a public computer, delete the offline Gmail cache.