Opening A Youtube Account

Youtube is the world’s most popular video sharing site owned by Google. Here you can find all kinds of videos. Videos of your favorite TV shows, movies, songs, clips, educational videos, short films, funny videos, and people who do anything you can imagine!

Create Youtube Account
If you want to be a part of Youtube, you must first have a Google account. ” Open Google accounts ” can open an account by following our article titled.

1 After creating a Google account, go to and click the ” Sign In ” link.

login to youtube
2 Enter your gmail e-mail address or username and password that you opened while retrieving your Google account from the page that opens.

3 Next, you will see a security page saying ” Youtube service wants to access your Gmail account “. ” I agree ,” click the link and proceed.

You can now start using your Youtube account. In this way; You can comment on videos, like, add to your favorite videos, create video lists and albums, subscribe to Youtube channels. Of course, the most important thing is that you can now upload your own videos to Youtube.

Your YouTube channel is created automatically when you log in for the first time. If you wish, you can edit your channel’s profile picture and theme channel.

Youtube Video Upload
It is really easy to upload videos to Youtube and all you need is a video. Just go to the upload page on Youtube, select the file you want to upload, choose a title and start uploading, it’s that easy! You can also download videos from your mobile phone by following the same steps.

1 Login to your Youtube account

2 Click the create icon at thetop right. Click the upload video linkfrom the menu that opens.

3 When you click the link, the Yotube studio section will open. Click the select file link from the page that opens. Select the video file you want to upload from your computer.

upload video
4 Your video has started to be processed. While the upload process continues, you can fill in the necessary explanations about your video.

5 Select the video title, description, preview thumbnail, and click the next tab. Select privacy information from the page that opens and click the save tab. Congratulations you have finished uploading videos to Youtube.