Outlook Sign up

There are several email services owned by Microsoft today. Outlook, one of them, improves itself every day. The most important factor contributing to this development; Signing up for Outlook is easy. How to enroll in Outlook? If you have wondered about the question, it will be beneficial for you to read the rest of our article.

Outlook was used as e-mail software when it was first released, but continues to be used as a mail system with recent innovations. How do internet users sign up for Outlook in search engines when Outlook offers its users free e-mail? He started searching for his question frequently.

How to enroll in Outlook? If you are curious about the subject and do not believe that you have found the correct information, it is possible to open an Outlook account by following the steps in the list below.

  • How to enroll in Outlook? The first thing to do as an answer to the question is to enter the official website of Outlook. – Outlook.com


  • After entering the Outlook website, click the create free account button on the screen that appears. This will open a new page and you will be prompted to enter an email. It is possible to get e-mail addresses of any name you want, but this e-mail must not have been received by someone else before.

  • After typing in your e-mail address, you will see Outlook, Hotmail and Outlook.com.tr options in the section next to it. Choose one of these options. This choice is up to you, you choose which one you want to use.

  • After selecting one of these options, click the next button on the lower right of the screen that opens.
  • After clicking the Next button, you will see the password creation screen. You need to be careful and calm when choosing a password. While creating a password; Make sure that your date of birth, name and surname are not in the password. Also; It is beneficial for the password to be an unforgettable password that will remain in your mind at all times.


  • To create a strong password, you must use both letters and numbers. In addition, make sure that the password is long. Short passwords will be easier to crack and remember when someone hears them. Considering these, after creating your password, click the next button at the bottom right. This password will always be required to log into Outlook. If you forget the password; You can find it again with the recovery accounts, but it’s always better not to forget the password instead of messing with it.


  • After completing the password process, you will see the screen where you need to complete your personal information. When entering your personal information, be sure to enter absolutely correct information. You must write your own name and surname in the name – surname section. You must click the next button in this process, as after each process is completed.

  • Once again, the personal information screen will appear. The information you need to enter here; Country of residence and date of birth. Date of birth; The day, month and year must be entered. After the process is completed, it will be enough to click the next button.

  • Another process required to open your Outlook account is the security code process. Mixed and different letters and numbers; You must write according to the capitalization. The system should perform this process to see if you are a robot. Click on the next button after the process.
  • After this last operation you have done; Your Outlook account has been created. You can take any action on your account as you wish.