Removing Microsoft Account From Windows 10

When we installed Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 or updated from the previous version, we were asked to define a Microsoft account to log in, and we had to define a Microsoft account to our Windows since there was no option to skip the online login event as in Windows 8 (it may have been added later). So if we want to remove this Microsoft account, what should we go about?

Let’s have a look ..


 If you are using an updated  version of Windows 10 , you need to follow the path below.
–  Open the Settings window with the Windows key + I combination , – Click on Accounts , – Click on Your Information from the left . – Microsoft account attached to your system is now a local account option, – If you already use a local account to sign in with a Microsoft account instead use the option.

For Windows 8.1 and old version of Windows 10.

While the desktop or the start screen is open, we open the right Charm bar. (If you want to go to the upper right corner with the cursor, press Windows + C keys if you want.) When the Charm bar opens , we click on Settings and then on Change computer settings.

When the computer settings screen opens, we click on Accounts from the left .

On the accounts screen, we  click the Disconnect button under our e-mail address  .


When we click the Disconnect button, we see the Switch to Local Account screen. Microsoft asks us to confirm the password for our account. We enter the password of the mail account and say next .


The next screen asks for the name of the local account. We will no longer want to be a mail account depending on the operating system choose a user name, password’re going to put portions of the blank log on to password protection through advanced ‘We ate popup menu.


And at the last stage, we complete the process by clicking the sign out and end button. After a short process, the screen saver will appear, you can log in to your local account with the left mouse button and continue your life.


If you want to bring the Online account feature back to Windows 8.1, you should follow the above path and follow the Connect to a Microsoft Account option, the post is already simple.