She Cut Off The Top Of The Pringles Can, And Uses It In The Most Brilliant Way! Every Girl Should Do THIS!

For you.. Don’t let those plastic grocery bags take over your drawers and cabinets a second longer! Put all of the bags you have in a skinny Pringles container and save so much space! All you have to do is add some cute paper to the outside and cut a wide hole in the lid to push the bags through!

All you have to do is collect (or go buy and eat the whole package) of pringles (or equivalent). In any case, if you take the equivalent, the tube of chips must have a transparent plastic cover, a system that allows the tube to be closed! Then you have a colored sheet in A4 format, and masking tape (decorated scotch tape) And now all you have to do is apply the sheet to the cardboard roll, hold it together with the masking tape, decorate it with a small label and …… fill it;) The method is interpretable and customizable at will, I love it!

And Doesn’t it look like the Pringles cans were made specifically to fit spaghetti noodles! How could you not use them for pasta? Check it out here:))

When you have a wet paint roller that you’re not done using, you can easily store it in the tube! It’s the perfect length, and you’ll be thankful to not have paint all over the floor. Check it out here. If you like, share your facebook friends today..