She Takes A Toothbrush And Rips Out All The Bristles. The Reason Why She Does This? AWESOME!

Hello all.. Remove all the toothbrush bristles using pliers (needle-nose would probably work best). Bring a pot of water to a boil, then drop the bristle-free toothbrush into the water. Remove after about 10-seconds, or until the plastic is pliable. It will be HOT, use heat-resistant utensils to protect yourself. Form the toothbrush into your desired shape. Now you have you very own DIY bracelet!

Toothbrushes aren’t exactly something we think of as fashionable. They’re pretty much just there to help get gunk off your teeth. Or so we thought! Did you ever think there could be a fashion-forward use for your toothbrush? Neither did I until I saw what what this woman does…

First, take a plain old toothbrush. A cheap one will do. Just make sure it’s a color you like.Then, take a pair of pliers and pull out all the bristles.Boil a pot of water and use a pair of tongs to safely submerge the toothbrush.

And this,now I can add a few funky (and affordable) pieces to my wardrobe just in time for spring! Love this fun little project? Friends, Share it with your friends by clicking below!