Sign İn To Microsoft Account

To open a Microsoft Account, you must fill out a Microsoft Account opening form. What information is in the form you need to fill in to open a Microsoft account? Do I have to use my Hotmail email account for Microsoft account. How to open a Microsoft account.

You can apply to open a Microsoft Account by using Yahoo or Gmail addresses besides Hotmail. The e-mail address you will use will be your Microsoft user name. The e-mail address you will use must belong to you, a confirmation email will be sent.

How to Open a Microsoft Account?

When opening a Microsoft account, if you want to get an e-mail address with an inbox, you can get an e-mail address with the extension or and with the option “Alternatively, you can get a new e-mail address”. .

One of the first things to consider with the Microsoft sign-up and account opening form is choosing a username, your Microsoft username must be unique and not previously taken by anyone else. To open a Microsoft Account, fill in all the fields in the form, enter information such as Name, Surname, Password in order and confirm the form. Your Microsoft Account will be created.