Twitter Login

Twitter, one of the most important and famous social networking sites in the world, is easy to register. In just five minutes, you can register for Twitter and become a Twitter user by creating a Twitter profile for yourself. So how to login to Twitter? How to register? Here are the details!

How to register and login to Twitter?

If you want to open a Twitter account, first enter the Twitter .com site. Then, fill out the form under the new name and title on Twitter. Enter a name of your choice for the username, enter an e-mail address that you want your twitter address to be linked to. Create a password and click register. The first leg of your address is completed.

We need an e-mail address to confirm your Twitter account. After this section, fill in your information under the heading Join Twitter today and click Create my account.

You now have a Twitter account. When you first created your Twitter account, a verification code was sent to your e-mail address. Check your mailbox and find this code, click on it so you can now use your Twitter account.

Twitter abbreviations

Trending topic (TT): The area on the left where the 10 most talked about topics are listed is called Trending Topic. Each country has its own TT list, as well as a list showing the 10 most talked about topics around the world.

Friday Follow (FF): This abbreviation is for people you follow to follow you as well. It is held only on Fridays.

Retweet (RT): It is the appearance of another twitter user’s tweet on your profile by pressing the retweet button so that your followers can see it.
Direct Message (DM): It points to the mail sent to you by another twitter user, it functions as a kind of e-mail.

What is Twitter?

Twitter is a social network and microblogging site. Twitter, which allows its users to write texts of up to 140 characters called tweets (Turkish chirping), is a new generation communication tool that can be used more effectively with various tools. The tweets posted by users can be seen by everyone. However, users can limit their tweets so that only their friends can see them. Users can subscribe to other users’ tweets. They can see the number of followers of the people or institutions they are a member of and who they follow. All users can send and receive their tweets via Twitter’s website. Users can log in to Twitter’s website by compatible external applications (such as smartphones) or by text messaging service accessible in certain countries.